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St. Thomas Mount, Chennai
St. Thomas Mount, Chennai
1st Century
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St. Thomas Mount in Chennai was built in 1523 by the Portuguese at the summit where Saint Thomas was said to have been killed. St. Thomas was the apostle of Christ who was believed to have reached the western coast of India around 52 and 72 AD. He is then said to have travelled to Mylapore in Chennai. The Little Mount area or Chinnamalai is the area where he spent the last years of his life. 

A flight of 160 steps takes to the church on St. Thomas Mount. In the church at St. Thomas Mount painting of the Madonna that is said to have been done by St. Luke is kept. The Bleeding Cross is an interesting relic here. This cross has stains resembling bloodstains that seem to reappear even after they are scrubbed off. The Cross is said to have 'bled' first during Mass in 1558.

Chinnamalai is a rocky area where you will find the cave that the Apostle Thomas chose for his home. At the entrance of the tunnel you can find a visible palm print that is believed to be of the Apostle himself. Little Mount has an ancient church that was built by the Portuguese in 1551. The perennial spring that passes by the church is reputed to have curative powers. A festival is held at Little Mount every year just after Easter.