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Holy Redeemer Basilica
Holy Redeemer Basilica
18th Century
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Located in Palakkarai Trichy is the Basilica of the Holy Redeemer completed in the year 1881. Built under the auspices of the Melaputhur Church the Basilica of the Holy Redeemer was built during the British period under the control of Diwan Kanjamalai Mudaliyar in 1846.

The inner walls of the Holy Redeemer Church are adorned with paintings that depict the history of saints and the events leading to the capture of Jesus Christ. Significantly these pictures were drawn by Brother D Irudhaya Raj who studied in the seminary of this church. Judge Woodroofe donated the 'Big Bell' to the church in 1881. The bell is the second biggest bell in Tamil Nadu.

The center of attraction is the 'Sagayamatha' - Mother of Perpetual Help Basilica which has a massive roofed hall divided by huge colonnades. Sagaya Madha - Mother of Perpetual Succor or Mother of Perpetual Help is always venerated with enthusiasm in South India.