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Our Lady of the Mount Basilica
Our Lady of the Mount Basilica
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  Contact: Our Lady of the Mount Basilica! Bandra West ! BandStand! Mumbai 400050    
Mount Mary Church is dedicated to Mother Mary and in the month of September a fair is celebrated for a week commonly known as Bandra Fair by the people of Mumbai. People from far off places come to visit the shrine and receive the blessings of Virgin Mary.

The stalls in the carnival sell Goan sweets wax idols of Mother Mary and collection of candles in the shape of hands feet and different other parts of the body. The ailing people light candles in the Church that correspond to their illness with the hope that Mother Mary will cure them of their ailment. 

Not just Christians but people from all religion come to visit Mount Mary Church. Marathi community calls Mother Mary as - Math Mauli. The picturesque location of the church gives a wonderful view of the sunset over the Arabian Sea.